‘I know I feel fine’ – Rabada

Times Media


DON’T worry about Kagiso Rabada and his workload – he’s fine, his workload is under control.

So much so that Rabada might not be deployed in the fourth one-day international against New Zealand at Seddon Park in Hamilton on Wednesday.

“I know I feel fine,” Rabada, who missed the second game of the series with a minor knee injury, told reporters in Hamilton on Tuesday.

“It’s just precautionary action that has been taken since this is going to be a long season and I’ve been playing quite a lot.

“But I’m OK.”

Rabada is 21, an age at which even those of us not blessed with a fast bowler’s body feel as if nothing will ever go wrong; that our knees will never hurt, our backs will never be stiff, our necks will never sound like a bowl of rice crispies when we turn our heads.

Twenty years from now, having put his body through much more than most of the rest of us will ever know, Rabada may revise his opinion.

But for now … 

“I feel like I’m the main person when it comes to judging how I feel, but truthfully,” Rabada said.

“Sometimes you play with niggles, sometimes you feel fresh, sometimes niggles come and go away, sometimes they stay longer.

“The longer I’ve played the more I’ve learnt to manage myself with the help of the medical team to give me advice.

“I will take it accordingly.

“You have to understand – sometimes you have to put your ego aside.

“I listen to the medical staff and then, first of all, judge how I’m feeling and take the necessary action.

“Some players will rest if we feel like … or if the coaching staff feel like they need a rest.

“You don’t just manage on performances; it’s also to give guys some rest so they can come back feeling stronger than ever.”

Sometimes it’s tough being 21, and it’s even tougher if you’re the best young fast bowler in the world.


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