CSA’s new T20? AB approves

Times Media


YOU would go a long way to find someone as qualified to comment on the viability of a new T20 event as AB de Villiers, who has played 217 matches in the format for South Africa and four franchises in a dozen different countries around the world.

So,what did De Villiers think of Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) proposed T20 Global League, which is scheduled to be played for the first time in the last quarter of 2017.

“I am so excited about that,” De Villiers said on Saturday. “It’s going to be great – lots of credit goes to CSA for coming up with that.

“It’s vital for our cricket. It will motivate some of youngsters to stick around, to fight it through to play for South Africa.

“The tournament is going to do wonders for our cricket and I think it can definitely compete with the IPL (Indian Premier League) when it comes to entertainment and quality of cricket.

“Some of the names (of players) that I’ve heard who are interested in coming over, its going to be fantastic.”

Coming from the biggest name in the game himself, that means a lot.

Now, of course, CSA need to deliver on the promises they have made.

Bids to own teams have opened and close on March 3. 


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