Du Plessis appeal ‘disappoints’ ICC

TMG Digital

TELFORD VICE, Adelaide Oval

NOT for the first time this week, South African captain Faf du Plessis has disappointed the International Cricket Council (ICC).

On Tuesday the ICC were unhappy with Du Plessis enough to fine him 100% of his match fee and dock him three demerit points for ball-tampering during the second test against Australia in Hobart.

On Friday Du Plessis was back in the suits’ bad books for appealling that decision.

“The ICC is disappointed to hear that Faf du Plessis has chosen not to accept the findings of match referee Andy Pycroft and has exercised his right to appeal,” ICC chief executive Dave Richardson said in Adelaide, where the third test is being played.

“A judicial commissioner now needs to be appointed to hear the appeal at the earliest opportunity.

“The ICC now needs to wait until the completion of the appeal before making full comment but feels that at this stage it is important to clarify the laws of cricket.

“These state that a player should not use artificial substances to shine the ball. The ICC understands this to include sunscreen, lip-ice and the residue from sweets.”

Du Plessis was hauled onto the carpet after television cameras caught him shining the ball using fingers wet with spit from his mouth, in which a mint was clearly visible.

“The ICC does not wish to prevent players from using these substances for legitimate purposes,” Richardson said.

“However any deliberate attempt to apply such substances to the ball, as was the case here, should not be acceptable.

“This will continue to be reported and the ICC confirms that unless the laws are changed the current practice of charging players when the evidence shows an obvious breach will continue.

“Umpires have been reminded to remind all the teams that the laws as they stand will be enforced.”

Richardson spoke after Cricket South Africa (CSA) said in a release that Du Plessis would challenge the verdict.

“In his mind Faf is clear that he did not alter the condition of the ball nor did he intend to do so and that the match referee was not correct to find him guilty,” the release quoted CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat as saying.

“CSA will support him to appeal the decision before an independent judicial commissioner as there are issues relating to fair and just process, interpretation of the rules, science and performance that need to be considered.”


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