Light shed on CSA review

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LIGHT has been shed on Cricket SA’s (CSA) resurrected review of the national team’s performance.

CSA were roundly criticised for halting the original process in but it has since been relaunched, and cricket journalists have been contacted by panel members with requests for interviews to provide input.

In one such letter CSA independent director Iqbal Khan wrote that the review would seek to “determine the reasons why our national team repeatedly fails to meet expectations at major … events”, “specifically look and understand the causes of the Proteas’ recent performance decline in test cricket”, and “recommend changes needed to deliver sustained success”.

“We were asked specifically to consider team dynamics, team culture, mental resilience and capacity,” Khan wrote.

“We regard this exercise as critical in the journey to excellence and assure you that we will uphold the principles of total honesty, integrity and transparency.”

SA have played in seven editions of the World Cup, five Champions Trophy tournaments and six World T20s but have yet to reach a final – and that despite their almost permanent presence among the game’s top ranked teams.

The original attempt to analyse SA’s performance, which was prompted by their first-round exit from the World T20 in India in March, failed over what CSA called “concerns with expectations around the timing for the review”.

A member of that panel, prominent sports physiologist Ross Tucker, said the main reason for the false start was that “we couldn’t agree with CSA on issues related to scope, process, time and resources”.

The rest the group were 1995 rugby World Cup winning captain Francois Pienaar, former test batsman Adam Bacher, and another CSA independent director, Dawn Mokhobo.

Tucker and Mokhobo are no longer part of a panel which is now chaired by Khan. Pienaar, Bacher and stalwart administrator Mthobi Tyamzashe are the other members.

Khan wrote that the panel wanted to complete their review by the end of the year.


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