Cobras players, suits set date for resolving Adams issue

TMG Digital


NOVEMBER 1 has been set as the date for Cobras players and the Western Cape Cricket (WCC) board franchise’s board to find a way to resolve the players’ unhappiness with coach Paul Adams.

The deadline was agreed at a meeting chaired by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) in Cape Town on Tuesday.

“We’ve given ourselves 14 days to try and come up with a process that will have a mechanism in it which will decide the issue one way or the other,” Tony Irish, the chief executive of the SA Cricketers’ Association (SACA), told TMG Digital.

The CCMA’s suggestion for easing the saga towards resolution was, TMG Digital understands from WCC sources, for the board to appoint an independent assessor.

WCC are due to meet this week to decide whether they will heed the CCMA’s suggestion.

However, they may be dissuaded from doing so by their previous experience of independent intervention in the issue.

After 10 of the 17 contracted players lodged a formal grievance against Adams, the board appointed an independent panel to look into the matter.

The panel asked Paddy Upton, a former SA team director, to mediate.

Upton’s chief recommendation was that Adams by relieved of the reins. The board rejected that advice.

That led to Tuesday’s meeting, at which – a SACA statement quoted Irish as saying – “Some pretty forthright discussions took place between the parties … before the commissioner.

“It may well be the first time that players and board members have exchanged such frank views on this issue.”

“The positive is that the parties have given themselves a clear two-week period to come up with a mechanism which will hopefully finally resolve this dispute.”

If that does not happen the impasse will be back where it started.

And that could put it on a path to a player strike.


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