Ackerman packing for Perth

TMG Digital


COMMENTATOR and former test batsman HD Ackerman announced on Monday that he would join the SA cricket convoy to the Antipodes.

He wrote on his Facebook page that his decision, taken “with a heavy heart” had caused “many sleepless nights and even more tears”.

Perth will be home to Ackerman, his wife Kerryn and their two children from September, a decision “we have reached as a family and feel it is the best one we can make for our little ones at this time”.

Other cricket figures who have opted to leave SA have cited professional preference as their reason. Ackerman sketched a bigger picture.

SA has so much potential,” he wrote. “However in my entire life I don’t think I have ever seen anything more common than something or someone fail to reach their potential. I fear this may be the case with my beautiful country.

“I truly hope that the decision we are making is the right one for us and I truly hope that South Africa does go on to reach its true potential and that crime decreases, corruption slows (as all countries have this problem) and an equal opportunity is there for all.”

Ackerman, the son of isolation-era star batsman and captain Hylton Ackerman, played 220 first-class matches – four of them tests for SA. He has since become a familiar presence as a SuperSport commentator.   

Last week the Otago Volts announced that Titans coach Rob Walter would join them as coach from September 1.

That followed Riaan Muller resigning as the SA team’s logistics manager to fulfill the same role with the New Zealand national side, and Pete de Wet quitting as chief executive of the Dolphins and the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union to be chief executive of the Central Districts Cricket Association.


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