Deadline looms for Delhi

Times Media


THE deadline for the Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) to clear the way for the city’s Ferozeshah Kotla to host next month’s fourth test between India and SA falls on Tuesday, and officials are hopeful the capital will keep the match.

At issue is the equivalent of R51.66-million in unpaid taxes that the DDCA owes the Delhi government. If the money isn’t paid or the association does not secure a waiver, the Board of Control for Cricket in India say they will move the game to Pune.

“We are in the process of organising everything and I am positive about the deadline,” DDCA vice-president Chetan Chauhan told reporters on Monday.

“We are in the process of getting all the clearances. We are in touch with government officials and hopefully things will be resolved.”

The subplot to the saga is that a change of government in Delhi has put the DDCA at odds with authorities who for years would seem to have turned a blind eye to financial and regulatory irregularities.

But the latest indications are it will be business as usual at the Kotla on December 3, when the fourth test is scheduled to start.


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